Teaching culture increases the student’s knowledge of the conventions, customs, beliefs, and overall way of life of a community. Culture teaching should not be a random part of the curriculum but in one with every concept of a language. Culture and communication are inseparable because culture not only dictates what is to be said but also determines how people perceive the message; therefore, teaching culture should be an essential part of foreign language instruction.

Throughout Spanish level one students learn about some aspects of the culture of five different countries; Costa Rica, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Spain. During these lessons students become immersed in the foreign language by either “taking” a trip to the country or “bringing” a piece of the country to the classroom. By doing such, students learn not only how to communicate but also how to behave in different situations in the various countries.

In this site you are able to watch a brief video of the country being studied and explore different websites that will expand your knowledge of the country. I also added websites that supplement the unit and aspects of the culture being studied. Use these sites to help you with assignments and projects during those specific units. If you find other sites that you believe would be helpful to others you may include them under the specific country.

Unidad 1 - Costa Rica


Avancemos! – Información del libro - Costa Rica
Specific Information of Costa Rica
Costa Rica Tourismo
Guia de Costa Rica

Unidad 2 - Argentina


¡Avancemos! – Información del libro - Argentina
World Travel Guide
Specific Information of Argentina

Unidad 3 - Puerto Rico


¡Avancemos! – Información del libro – Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Site Oficial
Festival de la cultura

Unidad 4 - México


Cinco de Mayo
Rise of the Aztecs

Unidad 5 - España


Spain guide