Writing - Having effective writing skills in a Foreign Language class is just another powerful way of communication. Having a penpal through ePals or Interpals is a fun, interesting, and safe way to meet new people and at the same time improve your Spanish writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary. In this page you will be linked with the outside world, meet new people from other Spanish speaking countries and discover interesting facts about their cultures.

Students will be assigned a pen-pal and will be expected to exchange messages at least once a month.

Here is a checklist to proofread your letters to your pen-pal:

Do the subjects and verbs in my sentences agree?
Did I use complete sentences?
Did I use the correct form of irregular verbs?
Did I use the correct form of pronouns (subject pronouns, direct object, indirect object, reflexive)?
Did I use adjectives and adverbs correctly in comparisons?
Did I end each sentence with the correct punctuation?
Did I capitalize and use proper spelling of all proper nouns?
Did I check the spelling of words I am not sure of?

Below is a link that will help students to easily type Spanish accents and other Spanish characters without a Spanish keyboard. - Type Spanish accents

Below is a link that will bring students to ePals site. Students must use their assigned user name and password, not give any personal information to pen-pals including complete name, address, phone number, other e-mail address.



Below is a link that will provide additional tips to communicate with a pen-pal from a different country in a different language.

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