Listening - Listening activities are important in a Foreign Language class because it exposes students to the foreign language being learned. Most of communication is listening, therefore its important to become a good listener of the foreign language. Listening comprehension is a complex process but essential to learning the language. Listeners must use their prior knowledge and linguistic knowledge in order to comprehend what is being said. When practicing listening skills it is not important to understand every single word being said but instead its important to focus on the context of the message. Improvement of listening skills impacts speaking skills, vocabulary expansion, and grammar agreement. is a web site designed for lower level Spanish speaking students who want to practice their listening skills. With this website students may listening to a variety of podcasts about many different topics in their level of understanding. The website also supplies worksheets about the podcast and vocabulary tasks that will help the listener to understand it's context.

Podcasts in Spanish

The link below is the link connected to the textbook Avancemos. In this link there is access to every listening activity in the textbook and workbook. All audio files and organized by chapters and activity numbers.

¡Avancemos! - Escuchar

The link below has listening lessons from the university of Texas. This website provides hints to become an expert listener; such as the importance of pre-listening, while listening, and post-listening activities.

Foreign language listening methods