Grammar - Grammar doesn't have to be studied when you learn your mother tongue as a child. Children learn it in conversation with their parents or teachers. However, learning grammar when studying a foreign language is an essential tool. Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together. It is very necessary to use the language in context when communicating with others in the target language. Below are the grammar concepts we will be studying and/or reviewing this year. There are links to activities that can help the students with the usage of those grammar concepts.

As we study the following grammar concepts, students will write explanations of the different concepts, add links and activities. If the grammar concept is a new tense, students will be conjugating the verbs from the chapters in those tenses. Students will compile a resource page that will help them throughout the year.

The links bellow explain the different grammar concepts through songs or videos.
Students should watch the videos or listen to the songs and practice each grammar concept.

Lección Preliminar – Repaso

During the preliminary lesson (review lesson) students review the most important grammar concepts they learned during level one (adjectives, ser vs. estar, gustar, regular and irregular present tense). The review takes two weeks; students practice the grammar concepts students and take a baseline test which they are expected to pass.

Adjectivos (Adjectives)

Práctica de los adjetivos

Ser vs. Estar -

Practica ser vs. estar

El verbo gustar (The verb gustar)

The verb gustar lesson
The verb gustar activity

Los verbos regulares (Present tense regular verbs)


Los verbos irregulares (Present tense irregular verbs)

Unidad 1 Lección 1

Pronombres de objecto directo (Direct object pronouns)
& Pronombres de objecto indirecto (Indirect object pronouns)



Unidad 1 Lección 2

El preterito - verbos regulares (Preterite tense regular verbs)


El preterito - verbos irregulares (Preterite tense irregular verbs)

See more Audio at


Unidad 2 Lección 1

Preterite of -er and -ir verbs (see preterite video above)

Preterite Practice

Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

Demostrative Adjectives and Pronouns Practice

Unidad 2 Lección 2

Reflexive verbs

Present progressive

Unidad 3 Lección 1

Presente tense of irregular yo verbs

Present tense verbs

Unidad 3 Lección 2

Irregular preterite verbs

Preterite of -ir stem-changing verbs

Unidad 4 Lección 1

Imperfect tense

Preterite vs. imperfect

Unidad 4 Lección 2

Preterite of -car, -gar, -zar verbs

More irregular preterite verbs

Unidad 5 Lección 1

Usted/Ustedes commands

Pronoun placement with commands

¡Ayuda de gramática! (Help):

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