Speaking - Speaking is perhaps the ultimate goal of any foreign language learner; it is a crucial part of second language learning. Speaking also helps improve your fluency of the language; it is quite exciting and motivates you to keep learning.
There are several different opportunities during class for students to speak with their classmates. Students are provided with a rich environment that include collaborative work, authentic materials, and tasks. Students practice their speaking skills through discussions, interviews, role playing, simulations, story telling, story completing, and many more. Students also have different tasks and projects that help them with their speaking. Several times a year, students are prompted to prepare their own podcasts. These podcasts are relevant to the country and/or topic being learned at the time. By creating these podcasts, not only are students using their speaking skills, but they are also practicing their vocabulary and grammar through the use of technology. Students will use this page to upload their own podcasts and listen to the podcasts of their classmates. Tell me more - Student also go to a computer lab once every eight days to practice their language acquisition and speaking skills. Tell me more is an interactive website heavily based on dialogues, were students can practice pronunciation through the use of a microphone. Right from the beginning of the program students are present with the kinds of everyday conversations they are likely to have. There are a few different paths these dialogues can take for some variation, but not too much to be overwhelmed.

Below are some sites that will help students with their speaking skills. These sites help with their Spanish pronunciation and fluency.

Spanish prununciation

Spanish pronunciation tips

Spanish phrasebook

Trabalenguas - Tough twisters in Spanish