Reading - After grasping basic vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language, the next step is learning how to ready it by using cognates, context clues and root words. It is not necessary to understand every single word in the text to grasp the main idea, and this is what it is asked of a level 2 Spanish student.
 Bellow are the 3 novels we read in class. They are written by Blaine Ray and Lisa Ray Turner and they are specifically target for the students level of understanding. These are all the materials from the authors: Blaine Ray Readers for Spanish I, II, III

*Mi proprio auto - Seventeen-year-old Ben Sullivan, from San Jose, California, was determined to have his own car. He thought his parents were going to give him one for his birthday, but they had a surprise for him. Part of the present was a trip to El Salvador, a country that Ben wasn't interested in at all. Ben wanted to spend the summer with his friends, girlfriend, and his video games. Instead resigned to his fate, he went to spend his summer in El Salvador. While there he had a variety of experiences in a culture different from his own. Ben came to understand life quite differently.

Actividades del libro - Game

* El viaje de su vida - Sixteen-year-old Carlos Ayala of Cincinnati, Ohio, goes on a cruise with his family from the U.S. to Yucatan. He is the only witness to the theft of an object of great monetary, cultural, and personal value. The thief tries to kill him, but...

Actividades del libro

*El viaje perdido (H) - Sixteen-year-old Carlos Ayala and Jaime go on a Caribbean cruise. While in Puerto Rico, they miss the boat to the next island. Then all their money is stolen and they are unable to reach their families in Ohio for help. On the cruise they met the gorgeous Puerto Rican Carmen, who taken them to meet her grandmother. It turns out that Carmen's grandmother is not your typical grandmother. As they struggle with the dilemma, this books brings various aspects of the culture of Puerto Rico to life.

Actividades del libro - Game
Actividades del libro - Battleship
Chap. 3 Activity
Chap. 6-7 sample test

Below is a link to two different libraries where students can find books in Spanish for independent reading.


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