Spanish Resources

It is important to remember that learning a new language is much different from learning any other subject. Learning a new language is not simply learning a set of information but it is learning a new skill. This skill needs to be practiced much like learning how to swim or ride a bike. It is not enough to simply learn the grammar rules or memorize random vocabulary words; those grammar rules or random words need to be practiced and studied in order for the person to get used to them and use them correctly in context.

There are thousands of online resources people can use when learning a new language. By using these resources students can practice and study grammar, vocabulary, get homework help, and learn about cultures, and enjoy this new language they are learning (recreational). However, students have to be careful when selecting websites because not all sites are reliable. Below is a list of websites I compiled, and believe are reliable to help students through the process of learning Spanish. They are mostly .org, and .edu, however, I also included some .net and .com that are truly helpful and worthy of being included in this list.

Spanish grammar & grammar rules:

The official page of Castellano --

National Spanish examinations -

Spanish grammar reference -

Spanish verb conjugations -

Spanish verbs -

Grammar pronounced -

Homework help:

English-Spanish vocabulary quizzes -

Spanish language exercises -

Spanish proficiency exercises -

Spanish homework helper -

Verb and vocabulary help -

Verb Practice -

Spanish for beginners -

Spanish for level 2-

Type Spanish accents -

Language links -

Flash card exchange -

Foreign language listening methods -

A bit of everything -

Spanish resources from the University of CT -

Cool tools for school -

Libraries -|

Language lizard -

Realidades program (worksheets and music) -

Mexico web -

¡Yahoo! España-


Spanish language and culture --

Spanish phrasebook -

Common Spanish phrases -

Tongue twisters in Spanish -

More tongue twisters -

Spanish proverbs -

More Spanish proverbs -

Recreational but Educational:

Don Quijote games -

Language games -

Grammar games -

World travel -

Prado museum -

Picasso -

World language virtual field trips -

The Spanish CALL project -

Madrid -

Culture festival (Puerto Rico) -

Songs in Spanish -

Songs & lyrics -

Podcasts in Spanish -

Media Converter -

Globalization -

Celebrate languages -

Interpals -

Worldwide classroom -

Learn Spanish -

Learn Spanish online -

Learn Spanish @ home -

Free Languages -