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Spanish 2
Señora Dovale ext. 317

This wiki is designed to accompany a Spanish 2 course. Through this wiki students will have the opportunity to improve their language skills, have discussions in the target language, display their work, and display their knowledge on the language they are learning.
Spanish 2 begins with a review and reinforcement of previously learned materials and continues to increase proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students focus on learning the perfect and imperfect tenses through cultural context; themes include travel, sports and health, daily routines, shopping, and food. In addition, students read two short novels in the target language. These novels encourage students to develop communication skills, learn about culture, make connections, experience communities, and draw comparisons between the United States and the Spanish-speaking countries. This course is in alignment with the CT and ACTFL Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

Bellow are the three most important links of this course.
¡Avancemos! a link to your book. In this site you can see your entire book online, you also have flashcards to practice vocabulary, and every audio and video file for your book and workbook.
Moodle a link to the course page. In this page your homework is posted and other important announcements.
Tell me more a link to the extra curriculum software where you can practice your speaking, listening, and grammar skills.

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¡Avancemos! Book Link--------------------------moodle -----------------------------Tell Me More

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